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  • an LGBTQ+ Brand

  • Live your truth.
  • We are all the same inside.

  • an LGBTQ+ Brand

  • Vintage Ringer T's!

an LGBTQ+ Brand

Live your truth. SHOP

We are all the same inside.


an LGBTQ+ Brand

Vintage Ringer T's! SHOP


The Beginning

Created in 2005 with the purpose of celebrating the LGBTQ culture through fashion, the image of our [sām] logo was born.

Pronounced "same," we wanted to construct a design that recognized our gay pride while also showing that as humans, we really are all the same on the inside. Read more about it here.


Our brand was created to make you feel good, and bring you comfort and confidence. We created these products with the intent to show our pride in who we are while making the statement that LOVE is LOVE no matter what. From our T-Shirts, to our hats and hoodies, we strive to always give you products showing our diversity and inclusiveness that you will want to use or wear every day.


We believe that our brand is not just representative of a logo. It is slowly becoming a movement that is picking up pace every day. Movements can change the world by changing culture and how people behave. Just by living our truth, we are stating that we are the same as everyone else. The more authentic we are with those around us, the more it will come to be understood that we are not so different after all. We really are all the same.

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